Conference Outline

Conference Outline

ポスターModern society has been supported by science and technology. Science and technology have brought our lives many useful benefits. At the same time, however, they have brought both noticeable and unnoticed negative effects, such as frequent occurrences of abnormal weather, degradation of the earth's ecosystems, and the destruction of the rich relationship with nature that our ancestors developed over a long period of time, as well as the loss of values to guide us in life. In such an age, we need to maintain the benefits of science and technology, while at the same time earnestly seek solutions to how we can overcome these negative outcomes.

In the conference, we will discuss the way of thinking and the way of life of the coexistence between nature and human beings viewed through agriculture, to find fundamental attitudes with which to approach these issues.

≫5th Yoko Civilization International Conference - Prospectus


Yoko Civilization Research Institute


Sunday, November 20 - Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hikaru Museum, Takayama, Japan

Conference Theme

Coexistence between Nature and Human Beings: Viewed through Agriculture

Conference Structure

◆Program Outline
The conference consists of a keynote speech and 8 sessions. There will be one keynote speaker, and each session has two speakers.
The keynote speech section and 8 sessions will include discussion among the speakers at the head table. (Number of lectures:approx. 20)
Observers will be the audience. There may be some opportunity to ask questions when specified by the session moderator.
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