Conference History



Host : Yoko Civilization Research Institute

President: OKADA, Keishu
Director: HIRATUKA, Rinji

Executive Committee

Chairperson: POY, Rustum Professor, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.
Vice Chairperson: NAGAMI, Isamu Professor, Rikkyo University, Japan
Committee Members: DOI, Hisashi Professor, Seian College of Art and Design, Japan
  KITATANI, Katsuhide President, 2050 (Former Senior Advisor, United Nations), Japan
  SUEZAWA, Masashi Professor, Tohoku University, Japan
  TOKUNAGA, Fumio Professor. Osaka University, Japan
  FUKUDA, Yutaka Professor, Osaka University, Japan
  MURATA, Haruo Professor, St. Andrew’s University, Japan
  YAGI, Seiichi Professor, Toin Yokohama University, Japan
  YUASA, Yasuo Professor Emeritus of Obirin University, Japan
  YOSHIZAWA, Zensaku Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University, Japan


Secretary General: DOI, Hisashi

List of Conference Participants

AYUZAWA, Satoshi Head Surgeon, Tsukuba Memorial Hospital, Japan
ISHIKAWA,Mitsuo Professor, International Christian University, Japan
INOKUCHI, Tamio Former Labaratory Chief, National Institute of Agrobiological Resources, Japan
WTESBAUER, Stefanie Researcher, Institute Für Theoretische Physik, University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
UEDA, Kenji Professor Emeritus, Kokugakuin University, Japan
ESCALONA, Julio Dean, Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela
OHTA, Tomio Professor, Osaka Medical College, Japan
OMORI, Shoichi Professor, Tokushima Bunri University, Japan
OKAMOTO, Tetsuya Head Surgeon, Fukuroi Municipal Hospital, Japan
OCHI, Takahiro Professor, Osaka University, Japan
KAWADE, Yoshimi Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University, Japan
KAWAMURA, Fujiko Professor, Tokyo Kasei University, Japan
KITATANI, Katsuhide President, 2050 (Former Senior Advisor, United Nations), Japan
KRISHNA, U.K. Director, institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine, India
GLEADALL, Ian Associate Professor, Tohoku Bunka-gakuen University, Japan
GATES, Jeffrey President, Gates Group, U.S.A.
KOYAMA, Akio Former Lecturer, Hokkaido Tokai University, Japan
SAKURAI, Kunitomo President, Kanagawa University, Japan
SANTANA, Eunice Director, Caribbean Institute of Ecumenical Formation and Action (ICAFE), Puerto Rico
SHIVA, Vandana Director, Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology, India
SUEZAWA, Masashi Professor, Tohoku University, Japan
SUGANUMA, Eiji Professor Emeritus, Rakuno Gakuen University, Japan
SUDARSHAN, George Professor, Director of the Center for Particle Theory, University of Texas, U.S.A.
SNELLMAN, Håkan Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
SEKI, Takaharu Associate Professor, Osaka Education College, Japan
SETBOONSARNG, Sununtar Social-economic Advisor, MRC Project Agriculture on Rural Aquaculture Development for Mekong River Delta (Vietnam and Cambodia), Vietnam
SENSYU, Shin-Ichi Honorary Senior Advisor, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan
TAKATA, Kohei Assistant, Osaka Dental University, Japan
TAKEUCHI, Shintaro Director, Yoko Health Clinic, Japan
TANAKA, Yutaka Professor, Sophia University, Japan
CHANG, Sidney Cancer Research Scientist, U.K.
TERADA, Nobuyuki Associate Professor, Yamanashi Medical College, Japan
DOI, Hisashi Professor, Seian College of Art and Design, Japan
DU TOIT, Cornel Director, Research Institute for Theology and Religion, University of South Africa, South Africa
TOKUNAGA, Fumio Professor. Osaka University, Japan
TOBE, Masuo Advisor, Organization of Safety and Research, Japan
NAGAMI, Isamu Professor, Rikkyo University, Japan
NIINO, Minehisa Head Physician, Asahikawa Kosei General Hospital, Japan
NISHIOKA, Hajime Professor, Doshisha Unversity, Japan
NISHIYAMA, Ken-Ichi Professor, Saitama University, Japan
NETTO, Antonio Professor, The Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal
NOYA, Atsushi Professor, Osaka University, Japan
HEISIG, James Director, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, Japan
HOWELL, Nancy Professor, St.Paul School of Theology, U.S.A.
HANAOKA, Eiko Professor, Osaka Prefectural University, Japan
BHAMATHI, Gopalakrishnan Visiting Scholar, University of Texas, U.S.A.
FISCHER, Walter Neurosurgeon, Haukeland Hospital, Sweden
FISCHER, Hans Senior Scientist, Lund University Hospital, Sweden
VON WEIZSÄCKER, Ernst Director, Wuppetal Institute for Climate, Environment, and Energy, Germany
VON WEIZSÄCKER, Christina Writer, Vice President, Ecoropa, Germany
FUKUDA, Yutaka Professor, Osaka University, Japan
FUJINUMA, Hidemitsu Lecturer, Dokkyo University School of Medicine, Japan
FRIEDMAN, Jeffrey Director, Friedman’s Clinic, U.S.A.
BRECHER, Aviva Reserch Scientist and Policy Planner, U.S.Department of Transportation, U.S.A.
BRECHER, Kenneth Professor, Boston University, U.S.A.
HESS, Evelyn Professor, University of Cincinnati, U.S.A.
BECKER, Carl Professor, Kyoto University, Japan
BECK, Roger Professor, University of Alberta, Canada
BERQUE, Augustin Professor, Miyagi University, Japan
HAUGHT, John Professor, Georgetown University, U.S.A.
HOFFMEYER, Jesper Professor, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
MAEDA, Yoshito Professor, Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
McNEILL, Kerry Associate Professor, Bond University, Australia
MASE, Hiromasa Professor, Keio University, Japan
MATSUNO, Koichiro Professor, Nagaoka Technology University, Japan
MURATA, Tamotsu Professor Emeritus, Rikkyo University, Japan
MURATA, Haruo Professor, St. Andrew’s University, Japan
MAIN, William Senior Scientist, Accuray Inc, U.S.A.
MORIE, Kenji Professor, Musashino Art University, Japan
MORIMOTO, Kanehisa Professor, Osaka University, Japan Preventive Medicine
MONDEIL, Marie Professor, University of Abidjan, Coôte d’lvoire
YAGI, Seiichi Professor, Toin Yokohama University, Japan
YAMAORI, Tetsuo President, Hakuho Women College, Japan
YUASA, Yasuo Professor Emeritus of Obirin University, Japan
YOSHIZAWA, Zensaku Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University, Japan
YOSHIDA, Akihiko Director, World Green Club (NPO), Japan
RANSFORD, Emmanuel Former-research scientist, Institute of Sensory Perception, France
RUBIK, Beverly Director, Institute for Frontier Science, U.S.A.
LEPKOWSKI, Wil Writer, Chemical and Engineering News, U.S.A.
POY, Rustum Professor, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.
LOCKER, Alfred Professor Emeritus, Institute Für Theoretische Physik, University of Technology, Austria
LOCKER, Markus Lecturer, Theological School of Loyola, Philippines
WATANABE, Takashi Assistant Director, Yoko Clinic, Japan


Wednesday, 18 August

PM Opening Ceremony
Opening Address
The True Nature of Light and A Spiritual Way of Living
Okada, Keishu
Keynote Lecture
Whole Person Healing


Thursday, 19 August

AM Thematic Session A
Life and The Universe
Scientific and Religious Viewpoints
Thematic Session B
Life and Healing
Gealing of Nature, Healing Our Civilization, and Healing Humankind
Thematic Session C
Our Livelihood and The Environment
Technology and Our Safety in Society
Session 1
Cosmic Purpose and Human Existence Today
Centering on Whitehead’s Cosmology
Progress of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Medical Treatmant: Religious Attitude Can Alter the Course of the Disease
Spiritual Healing and Rheumatoid Arthritis
An Ecumenical Caribbean Perspective
An African Response to "Our Livelihood and The Environment"
Session 2
Human Life from a Shintoist Perspective
The Idea of a Supreme Country (Sumeramikuni)
Concepts of Life and the Environment in Ayurveda, the Science of Life
Aiming for a Human Existence Rooted in the Oriental Point of View
Toward the Development of a Sustainable Agriculture in the Twenty-First Century: The Case for Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture in Southeast Asia
Conversion to Organic Agriculture to Prevent a Food Crisis
PM Session 3
Life in the Universe
Between Imagination and Reality
The Use of Gratitude and Optimism in Psychological Practice
Beyond the Model of Modern Medicine: A Case of the Shrinkage of a Cerebral Aneurysm
The Challenge of Sustainable Development
Factor Four-Efficiency Revolution and Environmental Ethics
Session 4
Body, Place, and World
Dr. Berque’s Theory of the Human Milieux
Genetics, Solidarity, and Ecology
The Universe and the Hierarchy of-Life Cannot Be Reduced to DNA
Peoplized Ownership Patterns-Steps Toward a More Conscious Capitalism
On Globalization
Session 5
Universe and Life
Actual Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness
The Healing of Mankind’s Predicaments Through Sufferings: A Paradoxical View, Based on Transclassical Systems Theory
Compensation for Suffering
Lasting Economic Development and the Role of Technology
What Must Change?


Friday, 20 August

AM Session 6
Life in the Accelerating Universe
Cosmology and the Limits of Knowledge
Spiritual Healing: Psychospiritual, Laying on of Hands, and Intercessory Prayer
Function and Field of the Living Body: Toward Healing
The Ecological Risks of Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
Food, Techonology, Ecology, and Culture
Session 7
The Emerging Worldview in Biology
Dr. Rubik’s Proposal on Frontier Science
Life View and Healing
The Postmodern Vision of Eiko Hanaoka
Brain Death and Organ Transplantation in Japan As Seen From the View of a Doctor in Charge of a Brain-Dead Patient
Unconventional Issues Surrounding Organ Transplantation Worldwide
PM Session 8
The Idea of a Semiotic Nature
Two Biologies, Two Medicines
The Environment and IIIness
On the Environment and IIIness

Saturday, 21 August

AM Panel Discussion 1 Theoris and Reality
Presentation 1 Worldviews Behind Science and Civilization
Presentation 2 Theories and Reality
Presentation 3 Conversion to the Earth
Presentation 4 Cosmological Perspectives on Ecotheology
Presentation 5 More Than Just Matter: A View from Physics
Presentation 6 African Ubuntu and the Renewal of Human-Nature Relationships Discussion
PM Panel Discussion 2 Prospects for the Future
Presentation 1 The Religion of Humankind in the Twenty-First Century
Presentation 2 Oxygen and Life
Presentation 3 Is the Universe Anthropic?
Presentation 4 Our Livelihoods and the Environment
Plenary Session
Closing Ceremony
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